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          1. Welcome to Prosper Automation

            成功自动化Prosper Automation

            ProfessionalPCB Electroplate Equipment
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            About us

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            In 2021
            In 06

            the company won the honor certificate of "Guangdong High growth small and medium enterprises"  

            In 2018
            In 06

            the company successfully launched flexible plate frameless high-speed VCP

            In 2017
            In 06

            the company successfully developed and produced a new type of soft light strip frameless VCP

            In 2015
            In 06

            the company passed through the country smoothly

            In 2013
            In 06

            Guangdong Successful automation equipment Co., Ltd. was founded and settled in Huizhou

            In 2010
            In 06

            the company successfully introduced ERP management system, helping the company management to a new level

            In 2008
            In 06

            we designed and produced the first continuous electroplating VCP production line for our customers in Shanghai

            In 2005
            In 06

            we designed and manufactured the first jumping cylinder type hard plate machine for exhibition

            In 2002
            In 06

            the first graphic electroplating production line was designed, and the qualified finished boards were successfully accepted by customers

            In 2000
            In 06

            Shenzhen successful entrepreneurship machinery equipment machinery factory was established